Lab Overview

Dive into the world of science with Lab Rat Academy’s immersive and interactive labs! Designed for students ranging from 1st to 12th grade, our hands-on sessions provide a deeper insight into the workings of the world. Select from a range of labs tailored to each grade level, and bring the wonders of science directly to your home, school, or local library.

Lab Descriptions

Embark on thrilling and educational adventures with Lab Rat Academy’s labs, fostering a passion for science among our students. We aim to ignite inspiration and motivation in the realms of science and medicine. Our desire is for students to leave our labs exclaiming, “That was absolutely incredible!” Explore the links below to delve into the details of each offered lab.

Group Labs

Select your preferred science courses from Lab Rat Academy’s diverse offerings to tailor the experience for your students. We can accommodate large groups of up to 40 students at your location. Currently, Lab Rat Academy extends its Science Labs to the Monterey Bay Area and the Sacramento Area, and we’re excited to announce an expanded radius of availability—now covering locations within 200 miles from Seaside, CA.

Lab Rat Academy maintains a preferred minimum of 10 students for off-site labs located more than an hour away from Seaside, CA. If your location is within an hour of Seaside, the minimum is reduced to 6 students.

Lab Rat Academy offers several discounts for group rates for a single 1 1/2 hour lab.

 $40/student (if you have 1-10 students)
$35/student (11-20 students)
$30/student (21-30 students)
$25/students (31-40 students)

Studio Labs

We are now providing online classes, both prerecorded videos and live Zoom classes. This way we can reach students even further out of our area as well as provide expanded class times for those with difficult schedules!