Physical Science

Physical Science Labs

Lab Rat Academy offers a full year of Physical Science wet labs (30 hours) to students in 8th – 10th grade. These hands-on labs are designed to accompany your student’s Physical Science textbook.

Using Quality Science Lab’s laboratory kits and manuals, Lab Rat Academy delivers excellent instruction and excitement to the field of Physical Science.




Physical Science

8th - 10th grade

16 hrs/semester

1. Scientific Investigation

2. Metric Measurements

3. Extremely Large Measurements, The Solar System

4. Density

5. Motion

6. Newton’s Second Law

7. Friction

8. Impulse and Momentum

9. Energy

10. Work and Power

11. A Lever: A Simple Machine

12. Pulleys

13. Weight of a Car

14. Buoyancy

15. Thermal Energy and Diffusion

16. Electrostatics

17. Electrical Circuits

18. Magnetism

19. Sound Waves

20. Light Waves

21. Musical Instruments

22. Visible Light Spectrum

23. Plane Mirrors and Mirror Applications

24. Convex Lenses

25. Nuclear Decay Simulation

26. Percentage of Oxygen in Air

27. Chemical Reactions

28. Enthalpy of Reaction

29. Electrolysis of Water

30. Parts Per Million

31. Solution Concentration

32. Freezing Point Depression

33. Acids, Bases, and Indicators

34. Comparing Antacids

35. Carbon Chemistry

36. Organic Chemistry: The Chemistry of Life


Extra charges of 58 cents/round trip mile apply for offsite labs.